In Indian Market General Motor will Launch Small Cars under Rs 2 Lakh

Saturday, June 6, 2009

General Motors has now interest in Indian car market. GM is planning to develop a small car for Indian market which will be the cheapest, at a possible price of under Rs 2 lakh.

Nick Reilly who is the GM Group V-P said,
"I would say we are studying that... and (we) do think there is an opportunity for something below the current mini car offering Spark."
The statement was published in ET online news paper. This statement is showing that the company is looking to develop a car for India that would be positioned below the ‘Spark' mini car. Nick Reilly declared that the car would not be just like – Tata Nano. It would be something different.

Still there is no independent confirmation about it. While it is believed that GM is targeting a similar price tag below Rs 2lak for price tag below Rs 2 lakh for Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa and even possibly China along with India.

Official announcement said that India would be the leader for the R&D for this car. About this Karl Slym who is the President of GM's Indian subsidiary confirmed,
“It (Spark) is currently the cheapest car for us globally.”

Now, General Motors works its way out of bankruptcy in the US so, India and China would be key to its revival. It is being said that the small car would be the key to growth in the future.

Reilly expecting that India can be a "very important source" for small car demand. They are getting ideas from popularity of Tata Nano. They have planned to produce India-made small cars to increase competition on the price front.

Reilly added some words with that news,
"We have seen some decline (in sales) in the Indian market in the last few months, and obviously the market is weak. But mainly, I think, it was because of customers' response due to the widespread coverage on what was happening in the US."

Now, it is obvious that India would be the best market for small cars industry. Price is the main factors for Indian car industry. If the GM launches the small car by India then it would be a major competitor for TATA NANO.



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