Nano car from Tata

Friday, July 25, 2008

Nano Car from TataNano car from Tata was most famous after introduction. I was also crazy for it. I always liked a small car. In the market of capitalizations there are not possible for everyone to buy a car. But Nano, was the indication like all of now will be a car holder. It was popular, everywhere and everyone was discussing about it.

Nano, Was a 1lakh's car. Before it there was no one cheap car. It is like maruti and it is very attractive also. Its demand on market were huge. I also see it 1st time on the net and TV news channel. Its colour was define as red and yellow.

Tata has introduced it and every company was amazed after introduction it. There was no way about this options. What a cheap price car it is! Everyone says this. But the attraction ans dream of my car was not stop. I like in spite of Nano because only its cheap price.

My thought on motor car

Monday, July 7, 2008

Always I had thought about motor car. Because in my childhood I spent my life among them. There was a motor car shed where I was always sited in the evening. Still I am thinking about that car which was initial stage of my mind.

Every moment I made my dream successfully about my dream car. There was a stylish look and luxury sited car in my dream. Like Honda city car. But when I grew I thought it is much costly that is why I resign my dream.

But not the way... I am still addicted about great looking car. They are still attracting me. My eyes still searching different car which run on road and I prise them.

What about their parts. I understand they are very precious then after I see them as an engineer.


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