New cars by motors company

Friday, August 1, 2008

New Car

After investment of Tata in small care manufacturing which was cheapest Nano. Now, all the company has decided to invest in small car manufacturing which will be on cheapest price and easy to by for consumer.

Now, Toyota Motor corporation has also announced to launch small car in India from 2010. Economics Times write about it, “Toyota, which has a capacity of 60,000 units at its existing Indian plant, sold 52,000 vehicles in 2007 in India, where small cars make up two-thirds of a passenger vehicle market that is forecast to grow to more than 2 million units in sales by 2010.”

It seems all the company has decided to launch small car to see market trends. Along with Bajaj motor company has to also launch 3 wheeler motor car. Mahinda is also launching its motor bike while Hero Honda will launch motor car.

It is nothing but investment in small car for general consumer. They are seeing market trend of cars. They all will launch most of car from 2010.



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