Electric Car to Prevent Pollution

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Recently, British government announced to launch electric car to prevent pollution. It was basically to promote ultra low-carbon in next five years.

As per the news, “The electric car has had a long history stretching back to the 19th Century. But it is only in recent years that the idea has been taken seriously. Large and expensive batteries, as well as low speeds and short mileage ranges, make the electric vehicle unattractive to both consumers and manufacturers.

In Britain, electric vehicles have long been used to deliver milk. Operated by local dairies, the milk float has become synonymous with the British way of life. But due to the short distances they cover and a top speed of only 24 km/h, there is a widespread belief that electric vehicles are not practical.

That opinion changed when the American car manufacturer, General Motors, introduced the EV1 in the 1990s. Capable of motorway speeds and with a range of 216 km before a recharge, the car became highly popular amongst the lucky few who were able to lease the vehicle.

But after only eight years on the road, General Motors demanded the vehicles back. The decision led to accusations that the company was trying to remove threats to the oil industry and spawned a documentary film "Who killed the electric car?"

With a growing green movement and a better understanding of global warming, there has been a shift in attitude toward the electric car.

In a show of technological achievement, Swiss solar energy pioneer, Louis Palmer, completed a world tour in his solar-taxi in 2007. Covering more than 52,000 km in his solar-powered electric vehicle, Palmer said he wanted to prove the existence of solutions in lowering carbon dioxide emissions.”

It is the great step by British government however in all over world this type of action going on much strongly to save environment.



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