Get a car loan and Go on long drive

Friday, December 5, 2008

Buying a good car is the passion for all. It is true that nobody like to sweat out and go to office by a bus packed with many people. Buying a car means one should have a good amount of money in his or her bank account. If there is a shortage of money, then it is better to finance people's dream cars with easy car loans.

Nobody likes to walk up to office or board the buses packed with people. It is good to be among those who swiftly pass by in a branded car and not to face those hardships daily endured by the bus or shared travel mode travellers. Human beings are being given full freedom to change their worse situations. Indians are changing in every aspect in their lives. In the recent years, the standard of living of Indian has increased a lot. Owning a good car has become far easier.

Among all kinds of loans, car loans are witnessing a huge demand. People are rushing towards these loans through both online as well as offline means. These vehicle loans have become quite easy to obtain as the cost of cars is lowering day by day. Owning a small car is not at all a problem. When it comes for buying a king-sized car, then people do need to think about how much they earn.

When people have money with them, they should not just walk out to the city car showrooms. It is always good to do homework before spending money. So, people should make sure that their homework is good enough to buy the best cars. If a car is priced high and money in their account is too small, then they should immediately go for car loans only from the banks which are well-known for offering the best vehicle loans at the lowest interest rates. Besides, people should always remember that personal loan can also used to purchase a car.

Car loans are available in both secured as well as unsecured loans. If people are looking forward to buy an affordable car, then unsecured vehicle loans would be the best. In such unsecured vehicle loans, people have to bear higher interest rates. People having a good and reliable source of income can definitely go for such loans. On the other hand, people having assets or properties which could be easily sold or can be converted to easy cash, along with a good source of income, they can surely go for secured vehicle loans. By taking these loans, people will feel relax and comfortable as they have to pay less money with the least interest rates to the banks.

Different banks have different terms and conditions. So, people have to very vigilant in going through these terms and conditions. Having gone through a couple of banks' vehicle loans schemes as well as their terms and conditions, people should finalize with which particular banks they should finance their dream cars. These procedures are essential for all kinds of car buyers as in buying cars they have to spend lots of money. It has been truly said that buying a car is totally different from buying clothes. Keeping these tips in minds, people should choose the best car loans and thus, they can zoom out into a long drive with full pride.

Car and Bike Reviews

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Recently, After the launch of flying car people are amazed. It is big advantage after the Ferrari. Ferrari was most costly car in the world but the new car as I have already mentioned in my previous post will be sold in $500,000. It is the highest prices for its flying features. It can be never for general people. The brand is for richest.

Every car need not so costly like the Fly and Ferrari car there are cheapest car also like TATA NANO. TATA has decided to launch most cheapest car in the world. The car is very beautiful and like mini car. But due to some problem the car will be launch till next year.

Like this for the India most costly bike was Karizma but after the launch of Pulsar from Bajaj Brand motorcycle became cheaper also. Most of the bike now coming with cheap rate like car because all the companies who were manufacturing motorcycle, now involve in Car Manufacturing.

Most important part of car and bike is tires. Tires of any car and motorcycle make it stylish and fashionable. Most of the companies here who produce cheap tires but it is necessary to carry only cheap tires if you want to become stylish and fashionable with your motorcycle.

I think in the coming future all the car and motorcycle will be on cheaper prices because the market of this types of products are coming in competition.

Flying Car Coming in Just $500,000

Monday, November 3, 2008

Flying car
After the getting idea from movies and books, scientists have decided to launch a new car which is able to fly. It is being marketed for rich person who don't want to face traffic jams. The car creator announced that driver can reach speeds of 100mph on the ground and 150mph in the air.

The car designer Bruce Calkins says, “the car, based on the £200,000 Ferrari 599 GTB, will be powered by eight fans mounted in its fuselage. On the ground these fans push the vehicle around with a firm but not-too-powerful thrust of deflected air.”

The news is published recently by a well known online magazine. The car is able to fly over 5,000 feet above and 75 miles by air or 150 miles the car need to refuel.

With the car many debate are still remain that the car will be accept or not, the car will really get success or the car is technically possible etc.

New Hyundai Cars for 2008 and 2009

Thursday, October 23, 2008

There are some lists of car from Hyundai company for 2008 and 2009. Hyundai introduced these cars for the year of 2008 and 2009.

New Car of 2008 from Hyundai are:

2008 Hyundai Veracruz

2008 Hyundai Tucson

2008 Hyundai Tiburon

2008 Hyundai Sonata

2008 Hyundai Santa Fe

2008 Hyundai Entourage

2008 Hyundai Elantra

2008 Hyundai Azera

2008 Hyundai Accent

New Hyundai Car for 2009 which will launched in future:

2009 Hyundai Veracruz

2009 Hyundai Tucson

2009 Hyundai Sonata

2009 Hyundai Santa Fe

2009 Hyundai Genesis

2009 Hyundai Entourage

2009 Hyundai Azera

2009 Hyundai Accent

All these car lists of Hyundai which was launched by the company in 2008 and will be launched in 2009.

Car of 2007 From Tata – Tata Indiva Car

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tata Indiva Car
Tata had launched a new car which look was decent that name was Indiava was most famous as luxury car for middle class people. If you have any experience with Tata Indiva car you can understand about that.

Here are some features and reviews of Tata Indiva Car:

Its Moedel Name is India.

It has front engine.

Its weight is about 2161 lbs 980.2 kg.

It has 4 Cylinders.

It has 53.00 BHP (39 KW) @ 5000.00 RPM Horsepower.

It has 5 Gears and it has manual Transmission.

About Indiva car dimension:

It has:
Length: 144.101 in 3660.2 mm.
Width: 64.001 in 1625.6 mm.
Height: 58.501 in 1485.9 mm.
Wheelbase: 94.501 in 2400.3 mm.
Ground Clearance: 6.701 in 170.2 mm.

We can say it looks TATA new car NANO but it is quite different from that. It has new look and design which make it attractive.

“Honda unveils new hybrid at Paris Motor Show” - A News

Sunday, October 5, 2008

From the Paris News for the Honda Motor car the news are explained here,
"Honda unveiled a new "affordable" hybrid family car at the Paris Motor Show on Thursday to challenge the success of rival Toyota Motor Corp.

The five-door Insight petrol-electric hatchback will go on sale in Japan, Europe and North America next spring, Honda said. President and CEO Takeo Fukui said the Japanese automaker aims to sell 200,000 of the cars worldwide each year.

Honda said its response to Toyota's hybrid-only Prius "will be priced significantly lower than any other hybrid car on the market, making the low emission technology accessible to more people."

Honda described the white car which it showed off for the first in Paris as a concept version of the production model that will be unveiled in January.

"To reduce CO2 emissions in the near-term, Honda believes the best solution is to advance a hybrid technology to mainstream consumers," Fukui said. Read More...

Top 10 cars for 2006

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I have already wrote about top 10 cars for 2007 in my previous post. Now I want to share about top 10 cars for 2006 years also. Here is the lists of that:

Jaguar XK

Ferrari 599GTB Fiorano

Ford S-Max

Land Rover Freelander

BMW 3-Series Coupé

Audi TT

Kia Cee'd

Vauxhall Corsa


Renault Clio

In the top 10 lists for the year 2006 2 cars are from BMW. But in this year most beautiful car was launched by Jaguar and Ferrari companies.

Top 10 Cars for 2007

Friday, September 12, 2008

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione
I want to share list of top 10 cars for 2007 year. The car was most famous and on top in 2007 are -

Ford Mondeo

Fiat 500

Caparo T1

Nissan GT-R

Mitsubishi Outlander

Toyota Auris

Honda Civic Type-R


Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

Audi R8

In these lists higher price was Caparo T1, £165,000. It is most costly car for 2007 year. Second high price car was Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.

World's cheapest Car now on Strike!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

World's cheapest car Nano is now on strike. Car productions is not closed by TATA it is a strike by the employee who is in that factory. It is not strike for car productions and stop them it is strike for farmer and worker life.

TATA wants to 400 acres land chapters in west Bengal specially in Singur and Nandi Gram. It is the strike reason. People don't think that their car will not be produce it take time but surely it will be launched by TATA.

The strike running from last 3 days. And still it is continue. Employee don't want to go on work that is the reason TATA car Nano is now on strike.

Volvo new car model in India

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Volvo new car model in India
Volvo Car India which is the division of Ford Motor Company has decided to launch a new car about it’s the company managing director says, “Currently we market our products in India through three dealers: one each in Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh. Now we are planning to expand our business in places like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune and Cochin. We will disclose our business details within the next two weeks," Voijs said in Chandigarh on Saturday which was published in Hindustan Times.

The company managing director also announced to present its car model 3.2, S80 gold medal winner of the Olympics, Abhinav Bindra. It was the news for encouragement for Indian players.

Along with he says about Punjab that it is on of the growing flourishing states where car market can be up.

Till end of the financial year about 400 to 500 Volvo car will be launched for the India. Its all models are luxuries and decided to launch 2 or 3 more models for India.

Hyndia’s Kappa by Hyundai

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hyndai's Kapa i10
Before a year, we can’t say one year because it is less than one year when Hyundai had launched its i10 now it has decided to launch i20 which will be introduced till next year. Its Kappa model will be not just like i10 but will be like just upcoming i20.

The Kappa has been developed to meet the latest emission standards in all the global market however i10 and i20 will be exported to; and Indian consumer will go for the drive before anyone else.

Hyundai i10 Kappa features are –

Price – Rs 3.99 – 5.43 lakh

L/W/H - 3,565/1,595/1,550mm

Turning Circle – 9.5 m

Engine – Four Cylinders, in-line, 1,197 cc petrol

Installation – Trans-verse, front-wheel drive

Power – 79 bhp @ 5,200 rpm

Torue – 11.4 kgm @ 4,000 rpm

Suspension – (F); MacPherson Strut with stabilizer bar and ‘I’ type subfame; ®: coupled torsion beam axle with coil spring

Gearbox – 5-speed manual; 4-speed auto

Fuel tank – 35 liters

Brakes (F/R) – Disc/Drum

Tyre Size – 155/80 R13 tubeless

New Kappa is about 12000 more expensive than older however the new Kappa tyre is like older. It should change.

New cars by motors company

Friday, August 1, 2008

New Car

After investment of Tata in small care manufacturing which was cheapest Nano. Now, all the company has decided to invest in small car manufacturing which will be on cheapest price and easy to by for consumer.

Now, Toyota Motor corporation has also announced to launch small car in India from 2010. Economics Times write about it, “Toyota, which has a capacity of 60,000 units at its existing Indian plant, sold 52,000 vehicles in 2007 in India, where small cars make up two-thirds of a passenger vehicle market that is forecast to grow to more than 2 million units in sales by 2010.”

It seems all the company has decided to launch small car to see market trends. Along with Bajaj motor company has to also launch 3 wheeler motor car. Mahinda is also launching its motor bike while Hero Honda will launch motor car.

It is nothing but investment in small car for general consumer. They are seeing market trend of cars. They all will launch most of car from 2010.

Nano car from Tata

Friday, July 25, 2008

Nano Car from TataNano car from Tata was most famous after introduction. I was also crazy for it. I always liked a small car. In the market of capitalizations there are not possible for everyone to buy a car. But Nano, was the indication like all of now will be a car holder. It was popular, everywhere and everyone was discussing about it.

Nano, Was a 1lakh's car. Before it there was no one cheap car. It is like maruti and it is very attractive also. Its demand on market were huge. I also see it 1st time on the net and TV news channel. Its colour was define as red and yellow.

Tata has introduced it and every company was amazed after introduction it. There was no way about this options. What a cheap price car it is! Everyone says this. But the attraction ans dream of my car was not stop. I like in spite of Nano because only its cheap price.

My thought on motor car

Monday, July 7, 2008

Always I had thought about motor car. Because in my childhood I spent my life among them. There was a motor car shed where I was always sited in the evening. Still I am thinking about that car which was initial stage of my mind.

Every moment I made my dream successfully about my dream car. There was a stylish look and luxury sited car in my dream. Like Honda city car. But when I grew I thought it is much costly that is why I resign my dream.

But not the way... I am still addicted about great looking car. They are still attracting me. My eyes still searching different car which run on road and I prise them.

What about their parts. I understand they are very precious then after I see them as an engineer.


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