Electric Car Unveiled by Nissan Motor Company

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Today, Nissan Motor company unveiled new electric car – Nissan Leaf. The car has been unveiled by the company on the ceremony of its new headquarters of Yokohama, south of Tokyo in Japan. Nissan is the Japanese motor company. Commercial model, Nissan leaf will be unveiled in the U.S., Europe and Japan in late 2010.

In the rival of Nissan electric car already rivals are introducing zero-emission electric car. Basically, the car would be environment friendly and will reduce the uses of oils across the world.

Domestic competitor of Nissan, Toyota Motor Corporation and Honda Motor Company, already this year have been released hybrid cars – Prius and Insight. Prius has been launched by Toyota and Insight is the redesign car of Honda. Both are a hybrid model car which uses less fuel and attract customers.

Nissan is also not out from the market, it knows every updates of car market. The company has planned to launch Nissan Leaf at on affordable price but the price has not been disclosed till now. If the company introduces the car as lower priced then surely, it will beat the market of Prius and Insight.

On the launch of the car, Mr. Ghosn said to the reporter,
“Even as Nissan focuses on electric cars, it also continues to develop and improve internal-combustion-engine technologies to use in hybrid cars and diesel-engine vehicles. This is because electric cars are likely to account for 10% of overall global vehicles by 2020, which means the rest of vehicles will remain powered by conventional engines.”
He said to the online.wsj.com.

Mr. Ghosn has planned to invest lots of money in this project. He is planning to plant battery plants also. Till 2012 Nissan is planning to make 100000 electric cars. Electric cars can be high potential car for future market but still there is need to survive car companies in the recession.


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