Nissan Micra Unveiled by Nissan

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nissan Micra
During the Nissan Micra’s reveal Carlos Ghosn says, “Combine 25 years’ experience of designing compact cars for city driving… with a totally new, versatile platform and Nissan production know-how… and the result is modern, simple and destined to be a serious competitor on the world stage.” writes about the design of Nissan Micra, “Retaining its compact dimensions, the new car is slightly longer and marginally lower, while its longer wheelbase enables a ‘wheels-at-each-corner’ stance, the main reason behind the Nissan Micra’s roomier interior.”

Further the website writes about All-new Engine and CVT, “Both engine options in Europe are available with either a 5-speed manual gearbox or Nissan’s all-new Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). The wide gear coverage enables the 1.2-litre engine to achieve the economy of a 1.0-litre as well as brisk acceleration.”

Finally the website writes about Comfort, function, equipment and Safety, “Globally, equipment levels differ by market, but the new Micra is available with some key technological innovations which are designed to simplify day-to-day life for its owners.

The incorporation of the V-platform is one major factor contributing to the car’s improved impact safety. The car is designed to absorb the forces of a frontal impact, thanks to the sophisticated crumple zones, while maintaining cabin integrity due to its highly reinforced body shell. In Europe, the Nissan Micra will be fitted with ABS, dual front airbags, curtain and side airbags, Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) and pretensioner seatbelts as standard equipment.”

As per the above mentioned website, “Sales of the new Nissan Micra will start in Thailand in March and European sales will begin in November 2010.”

We already have seen the performance of Chevy Beat and the Volkswagen Polo in Indian car market. Now, Japanese giant Nissan is set to storm India and the world with the latest generation small car - the Micra.

The biggest car company – Nissan is moving car production out of established markets like Europe and Japan. Now, the company has targeted low cost production hubs around the world - Thailand, India, Mexico and China.

Nissan Micra is the fourth generation car of Nissan which unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. Micra will be produced in India at the Renault-Nissan alliance’s massive plant at Oragadam near Chennai. The plant boasts of a maximum capacity of 400,000 units a year.

Nissan has planned to produce just 70,000 Micras in its first year of operation in India. Micra will be sold in about 160 countries.



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