Honda Launches Honda Accord V6 with Sunroof in India

Friday, March 19, 2010

Recently, Honda Siel Cars India (HSCI) Ltd announced to launch latest version of flagship sedan Accord 3.5L V6. HSCI is the leading manufacturer of premium cars in India. Honda Accord V6 is enhanced with exterior style and an Electric Sunroof. The car has some additional luxury features also.

Honda Accord V6 gets an impressive introduction with Sunroof feature. About the car,, an online news portal of auto, writes, “Apart from the sunroof, the V6 Accord now features Ambient Light and Footlights in the wheel wells in order to bring out the element of interior style and enhance visibility within the car in the dark. The car also gets two sets of keyless entry for customer convenience. A Bluetooth interface with your mobile phone has also been included in the car and the best part is that despite the addition of all these features the price of the car hasn't changed drastically.”

Further we get added information, “Incidentally, the features like the footlight, mobile Bluetooth interface and 2 sets of keyless entry are also available on the 2.4 litre Accord variants as well.”

Honda Accord V6 car is priced at Rs. 18,52,000 for Honda Accord 2.4L MT model in Ex-showroom, Delhi. Honda Accord 2.4L AT is priced at Rs. 19,27,000. Honda Accord 3.5L V6 (sunroof) is priced at Rs 26,15,000.

In the conclusion, above mentioned website writes, “Honda Siel went right ahead and decided that the Accord could do with an electric sunroof as well as some other knick-knacks to make it an even better proposition for customers looking at entry level luxury cars.”

We already have seen the performance of Honda cars in the world market. Honda was appeared in Top 10 cars of 2007 also. However, Honda’s performance was not well in Top 10 cars of 2006. Finally, Honda gets the biggest popularity when it unveils new hybrid at Paris Motor Show.



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