Flying Car Coming in Just $500,000

Monday, November 3, 2008

Flying car
After the getting idea from movies and books, scientists have decided to launch a new car which is able to fly. It is being marketed for rich person who don't want to face traffic jams. The car creator announced that driver can reach speeds of 100mph on the ground and 150mph in the air.

The car designer Bruce Calkins says, “the car, based on the £200,000 Ferrari 599 GTB, will be powered by eight fans mounted in its fuselage. On the ground these fans push the vehicle around with a firm but not-too-powerful thrust of deflected air.”

The news is published recently by a well known online magazine. The car is able to fly over 5,000 feet above and 75 miles by air or 150 miles the car need to refuel.

With the car many debate are still remain that the car will be accept or not, the car will really get success or the car is technically possible etc.



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