Maruti has decided to launch Ritz and not phasing out of 800 and Omni

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In the recent story I V Rao who is the Maruti Suzuki’s Managing Executive Officer, said to the Hindustan Times report, “Ritz will directly compete with Swift. In the past, when we have launched cars in the same segment, it has helped the market to grow. With the launch of Ritz, our customers would have two cars to choose from in the same category.”

Maruti has estimated that it’s Ritz and Swift product would compete with Fabia, Getz, UVA and i20. In compact car segment Sift has already 75% marketshare.

Swift is one of the most successful product of Maruti which sales is about 10,000 Swifts a month. On this theory, other car company has also decided to enter in compact car segment.

On the other hand, I V Rao told to HT report, “We have not yet taken a call on phasing out 800 and Omni. The decision to phase out the models or not will be taken by our marketing division. Our marketing team has asked us to upgrade the 800 and Omni to meet he 2010 emission norms. We are going ahead with it.”

According to Maruti, it will work on up gradation of 800 and Omni rather than phase out these. The both product will be phase out till 2015.

In the car industry there are already big competitions after TATA Nano. TATA already had launched its NANO and booking of the car has gotten successful response.

In the mid of global economic crisis, car industries need to upgrade its quality and product also along with price lowering. In the car industry there are already many two-wheeler company has entered to launch lowest price car.

Now, all the market depends on look, style and price. In the situation, Maruti has taken good decision to launch Ritz and to not phase out Omini and 800.



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