Mercedes Launches Mercedes - Benz E - Class Coupe in India

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Recently, Mercedes announced to launch Mercedes - Benz E - Class Coupe in India. The car is being considered as A Class in the Indian market. The car covers the luxury car-market of India.

In an analysis,, an online news portal writes, “Last year, Mercedes-Benz really blew us away with the new E-Class sedan. This new W212 model was a huge change from Mercs of old and heralded a new era for the Stuttgart-based auto giant's cars where they were no longer magic carpet rides with a handling of a boat, but exciting driving machines as well. In fact, the new E-Class saloon earned rave reviews everywhere and even took home the coveted 2009 ET ZigWheels Luxury Prestige Sedan of the Year award.”

Further the website writes about the looks and conformability, “This year though, Mercedes really had a surprise planned for all auto enthusiasts as just today, the company launched the pristine and even more exciting E-Class coupe in Mumbai. The coupe shares almost 60-percent of the components from the sedan including most of its front fascia, but from the end of the bonnet, it's rather a different sight. The coupe with its frameless doors, no B-pillar and curvaceous roofline coupled with the long hood and short boot has all the classic coupe lines and looks far more sporty and elegant as compared to the slightly boxy sedan. Mercedes-Benz has also thrown in a large panoramic sunroof for that extra bit of pizzazz.”

You can read about the price and availability of Mercedes - Benz E - Class Coupe also in India, “Mercedes-Benz has announced the availability of only one engine option so far, the E350 which we've seen before on its saloon sibling. In the sedan, the 3.5-litre V6 petrol motor puts out 272 PS of power and 355Nm of torque, which should endow the E-Class coupe with some spirited performance.

As for pricing, the E-Class coupe can be yours for Rs. 54.83-lakhs (ex-showroom Mumbai), pegging it about ten big ones more than the saloon. So what do you really get for all that money's worth? Keep logging on to the site regularly as the full road test will be out soon.”

We just saw the launch of new Mercedes R-Class at the New York International Auto Show. Now, Mercedes has also decided to grab the Indian car segment with its luxury car - Mercedes - Benz E - Class Coupe.



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