Honda Dazzler – HMSI Launches Honda Dazzler 150cc Sports Bike Soon

Monday, May 10, 2010

Recently, HMSI announced to launch Honda Dazzler 150cc sports bike on 14th May, 2010. Honda Dazzler is a sporty bike with cool design and attractive looks.

About the launch of Honda Dazzler,, an online news portal about car and bike writes, “HMSI is set to launch its latest motorcycle in the 150cc segment. The Honda Dazzler will be launched on the 14th of May, and is expected to carry on in the same vein as that of the recently launched and well received CB Twister - namely bringing more style to the commuter market.”

So, the launching date is very clear. The bike will be revealed in the market on 14th May, 2010.

About the style and features of Honda Dazzler, the news portal writes, “…This styling approach should give it the looks of a baby Hornet, which should find a lot of takers looking to buy in the otherwise staid and plain looking bikes of the 150cc segment.

The bike will sport the same 150cc air-cooled single cylinder powerplant that has been at work on the Unicorn. While this may not excite performance oriented riders, it is being viewed as a good move for the commuter market given that this is a tried and trusted engine.”

Further the news portal reveals the price of Honda Dazzler, “While the Honda Dazzler is expected to cost in the region of Rs 70,000 ex-showroom, HMSI is also expected to throw in more features on the bike including a digital speedo and a rear disc brake, if the company chooses to go in line with the Sports Concept it displayed at the Auto Expo.”

Honda Dazzler motor bike will create the biggest competition for Bajaj Platina 125 and TVS Jive in Indian market. The bike is designed with sporty looks. Honda Dazzler is being considered as the most impressive bike in Indian market.


Sundar B said...

Hi all..i have bought uni dazzler on May 31st...Completed my 15 days and it has touched 400kms...Only one word i can say is Awesome or excellent or i m feeling the slogan of Honda "I Enjoy the Quality"it has very smooth engine with comfort riding.... its definitely a gud upgraded package than old unicorn...the wider rear tyre,sexy digi console,power increment and tubeless tyre gives u a pleasant driving and sporty look...paying just 4000 bucks extra u get thise upgrades than older Uni which is good value for money thing... In City riding i acheived mileage of 52...Depends on driving style..but it gives around 50-55 kmpl in city riding conditons...In top speed(60 - 70kmph)also bike doesnt makes noise and vibes..feels like flying....only doubt is it doesnt have kick start..oly elec start..i ve doubted and scared while hearing first..after enquiring dealr he said comes wit MF battery and sure ther will be no prob for 4-5 years in battery....gear shift is really smooth and easy....braking is more thing i like to clarify is here i seen in several posts that rear disk is risky and tough for fresh new first time riders...But the truth is rear disc is not powerfula s front one...i've felt rear dis is some wat 20 -30% sharper than drum brake...but ther is no question of riskiness in rear discs....on the whole its a sporty commuter,.....i m very much simply overtook old uni in all aspects...while comparing to pulsar(Poor per and ewngine and no comfort..only style) and gs(rust prob and relaiablity of engine) and fz(Better - but fails in mileage)..its better in all aspects...but it can beat the style of fz..but in performance and specs wise it has comparitively better than above guys go for it and Have a enjoyable riding...if any queries mail me to


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