Ritz - Seventh Car of Maruti

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Suzuki Ritz
Maruti has launched its “five star” seventh car. Suzuki Ritz has dozen of amazing things which you want to know.

Suzuki Ritz is not bigger than the Swift but it share same platform like that. In abroad Ritz will known as Splash because it has been registered by Ford in India.

It has well driving position which will help you whenever you have to spent long time in traffic.

Consumer would like to buy the car rather than Swift because it is new brand for customers. It has refreshing cabin, practical body style and stylish look which attract Indian car customers.

Ritz is rich from its interior. It has a two-tone colour which makes it less plasticky in look. It is little bit expensive like SX4. It has a large but single Speedo and a tachometer which make it interior great in look.

It has new petrol engine designated with K12, 84 bhp at 6000 rpm and 11.3 kgm at 4500 rpm. Its average expectation is 13-14 kpl.

Its diesel engine is similar to Swift and Swift Dzire. Diesel engine has 19 kgm which can return 15-20 kpl which will depend on driving conditions.

Ritz is very successful car in Europe under the name of Suzuki Splash. The car was design with European mind sensibilities, according to the Maruti officials.

It is quick and fast to drive but if need more involvement then a customer should go with Swift. It is more suitable to drive on bad roads also.

Its ZXi version comes with ABS-EBD technologies which prevent the wheels locking up under braking but it is petrol engine only. It is not for diesel engine but ABS+EBD will be in the VDi variant.

The car has enormous interior space with taxi colours and frugal diesel engine which make it a brilliant taxi cab.



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