Chevrolet Beat LPG – GM India Introduced Chevrolet Beat LPG

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Recently, GM announced the launch of new version of Chevrolet Beat with LPG. The most appreciating car comes with great looks and design in LPG version.

About the launch of Chevrolet Beat LPG, an online news portal about auto industry -, writes, “The environmentally friendly Chevrolet Beat LPG features next-generation / advanced LPG technology with multi-point sequential injection that provides a smooth transition between petrol and LPG with no loss in power, jerking or backfire. It is the first vehicle in India to use High Pressure LPG Pipes made of High Strength Nylon material which has less weight, no chance of inside/outside corrosion throughout its life with better routing control and no kinking effects at bends. The 1.2-litre SMARTECH features aluminum alloy cylinder heads, an optimized cylinder block and lightweight pistons decrease weight and maximize fuel economy. An innovative rocker-less DOHC cam shaft, long runner plastic intake manifold and lightweight crank shaft with eight balancer weights and low tension rings further improve the engine’s efficiency. It generates all of 80.04 PS @ 6400 rpm and a maximum torque of 103.8 Nm @ 4400 rpm. The Beat is expected to have a range of 349 km on LPG alone and 1000 km on LPG and gasoline combined.”

Further it adds, “Keeping in mind customers’ safety as of paramount importance, the LPG kit parts are designed, installed and validated to meet the crash requirement in the case of any collision. The kit installation meets the stringent safety norms beyond the statutory requirements. The LPG kit fits snugly in the engine compartment, with no compromises on interior space. A sensor-based button allows users to conveniently go from LPG to petrol and back. The Beat automatically shifts to petrol when the LPG is depleted. The Chevrolet Beat LPG is priced at Rs. 4.10 lakh ex-showroom Thane.”

So, the most eye-cashing car - Chevrolet Beat with LPG is priced at Rs. 4.10 lakh ex-showroom in Thane. How Chevrolet Beat LPG is different from Chevy Beat?



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