Chevrolet Aveo CNG – GM Launches CNG Version of Chevrolet Avoreo in Mumbai for Rs 6.31 lakh

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chevrolet Aveo
Chevrolet Aveo CNG has been launched in Mumbai by the GM. It is the CNG version of Chevrolet Avoreo which is launched in Mumbai at affordable price range - Rs 6.31 lakh.

The most popular website of auto industry - writes about the price of Chevrolet Aveo CNG, “The car comes factory fitted with a sequential injection CNG kit and will cost Rs 6,31,257 (ex-showroom) in Mumbai as an introductory offer. GM, in keeping with their amazing after sales offers, has also announced a 3 year/100000km warranty on the Aveo CNG.”

Further the website writes about the overall performances of Chevrolet Aveo CNG, “The CNG kit on the Aveo is microprocessor controlled sequential injection type and is programmed to provide precisely metered bursts of fuel with every injection. GM claims a 17km/kg fuel efficiency for the Aveo while running on CNG. With the 12 kg fuel tank in place in the boot, that amounts to almost 200km of range on CNG and around 940km (claimed) combined with the existing 1.4 litre petrol engine. With an operating cost of Rs 1.85 per kilometer, that would roughly work out to savings of Rs 24,500 over 10000km and Rs 73,500 over 30000km. GM claims that works out to 57 percent lower than a similar vehicle running on petrol and 25 percent than running on diesel. Costing less than the normal Aveo 1.4 LS (which goes for Rs 6,46,322) thanks to the low introductory price, the CNG is fantastic value for money at the moment. But even when the prices return to normal eventually, the CNG version is definitely meant to benefit owners with long commutes to recover the extra money spent and to further their savings. Boot space is also compromised to make space for the 12kg CNG cylinder, but with the fitment of the kit coming from the GM factory itself, owners can rest assured of the safety of the setup.”

So, it is the CNG kit of GM which offers the best fuel efficiency. The new version of Chevrolet Aveo will be benefited for the owners. It becomes the biggest competitor for Nissan Micra in India.



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